Women's Marathon 2023

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Ladies, join us in pushing the limits of what we can achieve! The Women's Marathon is a celebration of strength, determination, and the power of the female spirit. Whether you're a seasoned runner or new to the sport, we invite you to come together and run alongside thousands of women from all walks of life. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself, to push past your boundaries, and to be a part of an incredible community of strong and inspiring women. Sign up now and let's conquer this marathon together!

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Aishwaryam Trust firmly believes that every human being must live a dignified life. In our journey spanning over two decades, we have firmly put this belief into action, empowered vulnerable, marginalised communities and provided them with the social as well as economic dignity. We believe in collaborating with government programmes for broader reach and impact. We combine institutional, corporate and individual support to touch the lives at the grassroots level.


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Visionaries Working Together

Our Good Cause was started in 2012 by a group of doctors who got convinced, that beyond the confines of the corporate hospitals to work for patients of varying illnesses needs proper sustainable medical attention and hospice care for various reasons.

  • Extensive Medical Professional Service With Compassion.
  • Charitable inpatient service To The Poor, Destitute, Ailing Aged
  • Advanced Medical Facilities For Inmates with 24/7 Duty Doctors
  • Traditional ( Sidda /Ayur ) Medicines For Applicable Patients
  • Yoga and Other Exercise Practices to Upkeep Their Health
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Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Center Nethravathi


Identify Deserving People

Through Contacts and References

Rescue Legally For Care

Take Them Legally Under Palliative Care

Medical Care 100% Free

Rehabilitation, Reunion Or Last Rites

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Medical Camp at Rural Area

The Free Health Camps are organised in the rural areas where people are neither able to afford medical treatment nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene. So, through these programs people are given various tips on health issues. Besides these, basic health problems and sicknesses are diagnosed provided with free medicines.

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Health Program at Schools

The programme was envisaged cover all Government & Aided schools of the state in a phased manner.
The main objective of the programme is to identify incipient diseases, disorders and disability by adequate and timely action and to become the anchor of promotive and preventive health.

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Cerebral Kids School (Under Construction)

A child with cerebral palsy may face challenges with muscle weakness and stiffness.For more than 15 years we’ve worked with leading education and child development experts to explore and improve the school-choice process.

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Medical Camps
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